Richard and Jo Bolchover is a lovely couple from London England who like to spend their summers in Israel. The couple asked me to arrange a Birthday Wine Tour (in honor of Richard’s birthday) for twenty adults and seventeen children (!)

Their request was to have a picnic after visiting an interesting kosher winery where they can taste and possibly buy some good wine. Our first stop of the day was 45 minutes north of Tel Aviv at the famous Jacobs Dairy Farm. This boutique dairy farm is producing great goat, sheep and cattle cheeses.

The farm store is adjoining to a small bakery so we stocked up on cheeses, spreads, and a selection of several kinds of bread. The cheese was stored in a cooler as we made our way to Recanati Winery a mere 5 minute drive from the dairy farm.

Since the winery cannot host in its production area so many people at once the group had to split into two. The first half of the group were lead by winemaker Ido lewinsohn into the production area where they got to see how Sauvignon Blanc grapes being pressed into grape juice.This was followed by a tour of the cellar. We even got to taste some cold grapes that were picked that morning!

The 2nd half of the group went through a guided tasting in the elegant tasting room. The group tasted the Recanati series of Shiraz, Rose (85% Barbera a15% Merlot), sauvignon Blanc, and from the Reserve series the Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, Petit Syrah & Zinfandel Reserve, and Chardonnay Reserve. It goes without saying that the kids had were in high spirits from the grape-juice they were offered.

After purchasing some wine we headed towards Ma’ayan Harod (Harod Spring) where we had wine and cheese lunch followed by a dip in the pool.

Everyone had an amazing day and I believe I will have the privilege of guiding this group on future tours.