Visiting Jerusalem

To this very day thousands of visitors frequent Jerusalem on a daily basis. One of the most important cities in the world to the three monotheistic religions. There are uncountable ways in which one can explore Jerusalem. As in all our tours, we custom tailor your tour according to your interests and schedule.

Visiting the Old City of Jerusalem brings an array of stories, archaeology, tastes and smells. It is truly like no other place in the world. By walking the streets of the old city and passing through the various quarters, we are brushing up with its history. We enter and pass through gates From the Byzantine and Ottoman eras as well as churches the Crusaders had renovated after the first Muslim conquest. We explore styles of architecture unique to each period Jerusalem has gone through.

Our tours are always custom tailored according to your interests and abilities. While we love walking barefoot through Hezekiah’s Tunnel with families and teens, we also lead incredible tours with the help of golf carts in the old city for those who have a harder time getting around!

Jerusalem Highlights

Gethsemane, Temple Mount, Muslim Quater Culinary Tour with Alon,  Ramparts walk of Jerusalem, The Western Wall and finally a great hidden view point of the city!

Jewish & Christian Emphasis Tours

A Jewish emphasis tour of Jerusalem can include a visit to the Davidson Center exploring archeology 2000 years of age that pertains to the days in which the Temple was active in Jerusalem. Another option is visiting a below the ground dig of Jewish homes dating back to 2nd Temple, a site referred to in Hebrew as the “Herodian Quarter”. A more recent Jewish history sites we find interesting are the Hurva Synagogue or a walk through the first Jewish neighborhoods built outside city walls over 150 years ago.

A Christian emphasis tours can include a walk through Mount of Olives sites as well as the Via Dolorosa , Church of Saint Peter in Gallicantu , Last Supper Room and more. We will custom tailor your tour according to your interest!

Evangelical emphasis Tour

This tour can include a visit to the Western Wall and the Tunnels underneath it. We would also recommend visiting the Davidson Center because of the archaeology findings there dating back to second Temple period and the King David Tower. Other points of interest could include the Israel Museum, which has a rich archaeology department as well as the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit.