Intelligent Travel. Custom Tailored Itineraries by Israel Wine Tour

Israel is diverse when it comes to the background of its population. As Israel is a true melting pot of multiple religions and ethnic backgrounds, local customs and the food is extremely versatile. For a country the size of New Jersey, Israel has multiple differing and intriguing topography.  We often tell our guests that Israel has so much to offer, it usually takes considerably longer to explore it in full than a 10-day visit. We specialize in making sure your time here is well spent.

You tell us what your interests are, whether you have been here previously and if there is anything on your “must do list”, we take care of the rest. We come up with unique and intelligent itineraries that utilize your time in the most efficient way possible by exploring, learning, tasting and seeing the best Israel has to offer.

We take no commission from anyone so your time is our #1 priority. We will not be stopping for souvenirs. Instead, we will expose you to smart and creative people, incredible scenery and off the beaten path vistas. Finally yet importantly, with us you be getting a delicious experience. We are foodies. Alon is one of Israel’s top Sommeliers.