Since October 7th, Alon and I have been called up on reserve duty and we are only now finishing our service. We both wanted to thank you for the heart warming emails and messages you have sent us in the weeks after the October 7th attack on Israel.

In the past weeks, we are seeing a rise in visitors to Israel who are coming to show their support, volunteer and learn about the events of October 7th. We were especially touched by a visit of a Jewish mother and her teenage daughter who have never been to Israel before, but have chosen to come now and volunteer. At their request, we volunteered in the Gaza Envelope, in a refreshment station for soldiers who are fighting in Gaza. On our break, we drove to the site of the Nova Festival where hundreds of Israelis were killed on October 7th.

While we are heartbroken over the war and the casualties, we are proud and encouraged by the spirit of the Israelis who have elevated themselves and are going out of their way to help and contribute to all those who have been affected by the war.   

There are dozens of volunteer opportunities in farming, food packing, assisting in soldier refreshment stations and more. Please email us to find out more. 

Sincerly Alon and Barak


site of the Nova Festival , where 364 Israelis were killed and 40 others adducted by Hamas

Volunteering at Shuva Achim, soldier refreshment station near Netivot