Much like Tzora winery was a dream come true for the late Ronnie James, Galita Chocolatier is a dream come true of Galit Elpert, a young woman who has spent 3 years in Belgium studying chocolate and ice cream making. After returning to Israel and producing chocolate Pralines at home for her friends and even selling them in pop up stores around Tel Aviv, Galit stumbled across her old business plan from the time she was still studying to become a chocolatier.

The plan was to create a magical chocolate farm that will include a Café, a chocolate workshop area and a small movie theater. Today the plan has become a reality with 2 beautiful branches located in Kibutz Tzuba, close to Jerusalem and well within the Judean Hills and in Kibbutz Degania right by the Sea of Galilee on the Kinneret. The chocolate farm on the Kineret has been open since April 2007.
The Judean Hills branch of Galita Choclates is one we visit more often than the original store by the Kineret and is certainly a stop that our guests, both young and old appreciate a great deal.The “chocolate farm” as it is referred to by Galita employees, serves as a decadent Café, a chocolate and Praline shop and a chocolate workshop where both kids and adults can complete different project suited for their age and abilities. The Farm has a movie theater where kids learn about how chocolate is made, an outdoor sitting area for the Café and a work space that can accommodate up to 60 guests.

The nice thing about doing a chocolate workshop as a part of a wine tour in the Judean Hills is the fact that everyone can participate. Children have several options of which project they choose and the staff at the farm is more than happy to help along. Adults get to choose their projects as well, guaranteeing a great time and a sweet souvenir to take home.