Buster’s Cider is produced in a dry version and a sweeter version which has a lower level of alcohol. The factory is large and spotless and the guests walk around with a branded glass of cider as they tour the facility.

As part of our Judean Hills Microbrewery tour, we were greeted by Denny and Matt on a cold January morning. Denny mentioned that he and Matt arrive to the factory very early each morning as they go back and forth between making a batch of cider at the brewery and the shop they own in Mevaseret, one that deals with wine and beer making.

Denny Neilson knows his way around Alcohol. The producer of IsraAle Beer and Buster’s Cider is currently teaching classes on how to make whisky, Vodka, Beer and Moonshine, to name a few. Classes are in high demand as taxes had been raised on low cost Alcohol in Israel in the past year alone. Israeli favorite – Elite Arak would be a great example of a product Israelis are paying a lot more for in the past year.

The Neilsons own and operate a wine and beer making store in Mevaseret Zion just outside Jerusalem in addition to the brewery. Both are family run operations as Denny enthusiastically explains during the tour of the premises. Denny and his family made Aliya and moved to Israel from California only 10 years ago yet Denny’s stories on the red tape and dealing with Kashroot lead me to believe that they may feel they have been here their whole lives. The stories are full of humor and Denny truly shows a wealth of knowledge on production of Alcohol. The group did get to try Whisky and Brandy made on premises, leaving for the next brewery feeling warm and happy.