Consulting and itineraries for wine professionals

With the rise of the wine industry in Israel in recent years and the recent media coverage that resulted from the Wine Spectator October 2016 Issue, Israel Wine Tour has significant experience conducting wine tours for Industry professionals.We executed multi day tours for U.S wine distributors exposing them to superb Israeli boutique wineries; we have toured with winemakers and vintners from all over the world, introducing them to Israeli wine professionals who specialize in the specific varietals they were interested in.

We work closely with the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture in constructing these itineraries in order to ensure that we take our guests to the top professionals in Israel.

With the relationships we have built, we have been able to design and execute tours to multiple research stations throughout Israel as well as book meetings with experts on water management of desert vineyards, world renowned researchers on ancient vines as well as veteran vintners in Israel who have dozens of years of experience under their belt.

Allow Israel Wine Tour to custom tailor your wine education package in Israel.